Long before Brett Howden was captain of the WHL club, he dreamt of suiting up for Moose Jaw, just like his older brother, Quinton, once did.

That goal has now became a reality. This year, the two shared a special moment at center ice.

“For him to drop that puckand me to be able to give that to him was really special,” Brettsaid.

"It's pretty cool; I've never been on that side of it so it was a bit different. But being able to do it with your brother out there it’s something pretty special,” Brett’s older brother and Warriors Alumnus, Quinton Howden, said.

This year, Quinton received the opportunity of a lifetime. The 26-year-old was selected to the Olympic hockey team that captured bronze in Korea.

"To be able to represent your country and do it at a level like that is something that you'll always remember and always be fond of…that was probably the best experience of my life,” Quinton said.

Since suiting up for the warriors, Quinton has played in various hockey leagues, including the NHL, but it's been tough for the winger to find time to come back and watch.

So Brett knows when Quinton is in the crowd, it’s a raremoment.

"It's really special,” Brett said as he fought back tears. “I don't see him much during the year, so it's really nice having him up here.”

“You know it is different being on the other side, but this is still home and being able to be here and watch my brother is pretty special,” Quinton said.

The brothers have similar junior hockey resumes, but as Brett prepares to try and crack the New York ranger’s roster next year, there’s one major item left on the list.

“You know both of our dreams is to one day play with each other somewhere down the line hopefully,” Brett said.

Quinton thinks Brett has already surpassed his skills at the junior level.

"He just excels more than I can even believe, and even when we skate together in the summer, he's still doing things that I'm still blown at. I think he's going to be a heck of an NHL player one day,” Quinton said.

Based on a report by Claire Hanna.