REGINA -- A Regina business is spreading love while shutting down a hateful social media message.

Fresh Carnival makes Pride themed treats including candy apples, donuts and milkshakes. After posting about the milkshake on their social media, the business received a negative message.

“We received a message that said we were supporting ‘freaks’ with our Pride milkshake and that we had lost that person’s business because we support ‘freaks’ as she phrased it,” Allison Sweet, co-owner of Fresh Carnival, said.

fresh pride milkshake

Sweet said she felt the need to respond to the message with love.

“I just let her know that if us loving people was going to lose her business, that’s ok with me,” she said.

Queen City Pride is getting ready to celebrate it’s Pride Festival and says messages like this are the reason Pride events are still needed.

“That shows that there’s still a need to educate and inform people what exactly is the 2SLGBTQIA+ community about and why it’s important to be inclusive and promote diversity and safer spaces,” Dan Shier, co-chair with Queen City Pride, said.

“Supporting people and loving people is exactly what needs to be done,” Sweet said.

Fresh Carnival is owned by four women, one of whom is gay.

“We just want to build people up,” said Sweet. “We’ve had so many people work for us that identify on the spectrum on LGBTQ2S+ and we just want to make every body feel love and supported all the time.”