YORKTON -- After four years, Métis Nation-Saskatchewan will elect new leadership.

Candidates have been campaigning across the province since April 24. With many positions open and waiting to be filled, over 50 candidates are running for this election.

“They’re electing a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and 12 regional pre-representatives which will form the Métis council for the next four years,” said Gwen LaFond, electoral officer for Métis Nation-Saskatchewan.

Earlier this year, Métis Nation-Saskatchewan decided residents must have a Métis citizenship card or a letter issued by the registrar’s office to cast a ballot. LaFond said this election has the largest voter registration that the Nation has ever had.

“We have just over sixteen thousand eligible voters for this upcoming election,” said LaFond.

Similar to the 2017 election structure, there are 12 returning offices in each region.

Voters are required to bring their Métis citizenship card or letter to the polls, along with a valid Saskatchewan Health Card and I.D. to prove their name and address.

With COVID-19 measures still in place, each polling station provides a safe and controlled environment for voters.

“We have PPE at all of the polls. We have barriers in place, face masks, sanitizers, and disposable golf pencils. We are trying to make the process very safe for the people who want to go out and vote,” said LaFond.

Voters are encouraged to vote May 14 to 21 in the regional returning office. Voters may also cast their votes at the advanced polls on May 22 or May 29 on election day.