REGINA -- As the results of the mail-in ballots continue to come in, there are updated totals available for seven Saskatchewan constituencies, with four appearing to have a mathematical winner.

Sask. Party Incumbent Mark Docherty and new candidate Gary Grewal appear to be the winners in Regina Coronation Park and Regina Northeast respectively.

The Sask. Party's Derek Meyers appears to be the mathematical winner in Regina Walsh Acres, maintaining that seat of the party.

In Saskatoon, incumbent Vicki Mowat appears to be the mathematical winner, holding onto her seat in Saskatoon Fairview.

CTV News previously reported 12 Saskatchewan constituencies that were too close to call. With new mail-in ballot numbers provided by Elections Saskatchewan, these are the totals as they stand on Wednesday evening.


Saskatchewan Party: Mark Docherty – Apparent winner (49.8 per cent, 2,879 votes)

New Democratic Party: Noor Burki – Trailing (43 per cent, 2,486 votes)

Mail in ballots: 536 counted out of 806, 21 thrown out

Mark Docherty is the Sask. Party incumbent in Regina Coronation Park


Saskatchewan Party: Gary Grewal - Apparent winner (3,617 votes)

New Democratic Party: Yens Pedersen - Trailing (3,084 votes)

Mail in ballots: 904 counted out of 1,270, 13 thrown out


Saskatchewan Party: Derek Meyers –Apparent winner (3,063 votes)

New Democratic Party: Kelly Hardy –Trailing (2,406 votes)

Mail in ballots: 863 out of 1,191 are counted, 29 thrown out

The Sask. Party is the incumbent party in Regina Walsh Acres.


New Democratic Party: Vicki Mowat – Apparent winner (3,490 votes)

Saskatchewan Party: Manny Sadhra – Trailing (2,636 votes)

Mail in ballots: 532 of 908 counted, 38 thrown out

Vicki Mowat is the incumbent in Saskatoon Fairview.

Mail-in ballots for Saskatoon Meewasin, Prince Albert Northcote and Saskatoon Riversdale show a shift in results, but remain too close to call.


New Democratic Party: Ryan Meili – Leading (3,380 votes)

Saskatchewan Party: Rylund Hunter – Trailing (3,171 votes)

Mail in ballots: 1065 counted of 1,656, 48 thrown out

The NDP is the incumbent in this constituency.


Saskatchewan Party: Alana Ross – Leading (49.1 per cent, 2,547 votes)

New Democratic Party: Nicole Rancourt – Trailing (44.8 per cent, 2,323 votes)

Mail in ballots: 327 out of 568 counted, 37 thown out

The NDP is the incumbent in this constituency, making it a gain for the Sask. Party.


Saskatchewan Party: Marv Friesen – Leading (50.2 per cent, 2,877 votes)

New Democratic Party: Ashlee Hicks - Trailing (46.8 per cent, 2,681 votes)

Mail in ballots: 527 out of 920 counted, 32 thrown out

The NDP is the incumbent in this constituency.

There are 15 scrutineers from each party present at the vote count who sign an oath of secrecy at the start of the day.