REGINA -- Residents of Regina should expect to be allowed to mail in their votes for the upcoming municipal election.

The mail-in system, discussed by city councillors at the executive committee on Wednesday, would see people submit a ballot with their signature and a scanned image of their photo ID.

Election workers would verify the ballot by comparing a resident’s signature with the signature on their ID.

If the signatures don’t match, the city would follow up with the resident. Their vote would be disqualified if it’s found to be fraudulent. There would be repercussions should someone commit voter fraud, staff said.

People will still be allowed to vote in person.

Elections officers will ensure voters and staff are physically distanced. Personal protective equipment will also be supplied.

It appears the city will only be accepting photo ID with mail-in ballots to ensure legitimacy. Those without photo ID will have to vote in person.

To avoid delays, staff said mail-in votes will go through a tabulator machine. On election night, the machine should process the votes quickly to supply results.  

Staff said there’s no guarantee mail-in ballots will increase voter turnout, though they are interested to see how it impacts turnout.

Councillors on the executive committee accepted the plan. It goes to city council for final approval later this month.

The municipal and school board elections take place on Nov. 9.