A 25-year-old man has been charged with evading police after a high-speed chase on Ring Road.

An officer was driving southbound on Ring Road towards Highway 1 East around 11:25 a.m. Monday when another vehicle drove by in the northbound lanes at a high speed. According to police, the officer used his radar equipment and confirmed the vehicle – a black Ford Mustang – was travelling at 165 kilometres per hour.

The officer made a u-turn and activated their emergency equipment. The suspect accelerated, reaching a peak speed of 175-180 km/h. The vehicle went onto Ross Avenue and Winnipeg Street before the officer lost sight of it.

Police found the vehicle near Second Avenue North and Broad Street. The officer was able to stop the vehicle and arrest the man without further incident.

Dane Iliya Rusk, 25, has been charged with flight while pursued by a peace officer. He was released and will make his first court appearance on June 26.