REGINA -- The victim of a violent sexual assault is outraged over how her case is being handled by the Ministry of Justice.

The man convicted in the case, Boyd Jacobson, was sentenced to 18 months in jail, but after only three months behind bars, he was set to be released.

"It was a long process to go through that court, it took a lot of work to come to the sexual assault centre, it took a lot of independent work on my own," the victim of the assault said.

Her name cannot be shared due to a court-imposed publication ban.

Jacobson, who was convicted in June, appealed the conviction in August, but his appeal was denied. Court documents describe how Jacobson sexually assaulted the victim, causing her head to collide with a wall. The court also found that the accused choked the victim until she nearly blacked out.

Court also heard testimony that the assault lasted for two hours.

Justice B.L. Klatt called the act a, "violent, prolonged and major sexual assault. Mr. Jacobson subjected the victim to highly intrusive abuse and degradation."

He was sentenced to 18 months in prison with one year probation.

“I barely resolved the idea that he's in jail, I barely resolved the idea that I can now start making some moves towards healing so now I feel like I’ve been thrown right back into a real chaotic place for my own personal wellbeing," the victim said.

The victim was recently contacted by Saskatchewan Corrections and was told her assailant was being released. The reason given was due to overcrowding in the Regina Correctional Centre.

The Ministry of Justice said that statement was incorrect and Jacobson was to be released through the Ministry’s re-integration leave. Inmates quality for this after serving one sixth of their sentence.

The Ministry says decisions to qualify and integrate inmates back into society are based on certain policies and criteria.

The Regina Sexual Assault Centre says it sees many cases where sexual assault offenders are being released earlier than time served.

“We have a 12 per cent conviction rate for sexual violence which is nothing especially when only five per cent reported, and why is there only 5 percent reported? There is no incentive to report, there’s backlash against the victim because the conviction rate is so poor,” Lisa Miller, executive Director of the Regina Sexual Assault Centre said.

Since CTV News contacted the Ministry of Justice, Jacobson’s reintegration leave is now under review. He will not be released until that review is complete.