The trial of Hunter Arnold, charged with two counts of dangerous driving causing death, continued on Friday.

Arnold, 21, is charged in connection to the deaths of 29-year-old Tyler Dobko and 17-year-old Jordan Stoll.

The two men died in a head-on crash on Highway 10, south of Yorkton, on Sept. 24, 2016.

The trial began on April 29 and on Friday a veteran traffic collision inspector appeared as an expert witness.

He testified that weather may have played a role because it had started to rain before the collision occurred.

The expert also answered questions about the upkeep of the vehicles, such as how the inflation of the tires could affect the trajectories of the cars on wet pavement.

His explanation included photos of the crash site. The vehicles were almost destroyed beyond recognition.

The photos brought tears to the eyes of several of the family members in the court room.

Arnold will be cross-examined on Monday and the trial is expected to conclude on May 10.