REGINA -- One of Regina’s mayoral candidates has committed to a new Aquatic Centre for the City of Regina by 2024.

Sandra Masters voiced her intention to create the centre, that she says would meet recreational and competitive needs of Regina residents.

“The lack of a year-around aquatic facility is a gap in our community, one that has been recognized as the top priority in both the 2010 and 2019 recreation Master Plans, Master said in a news release. “But, like so many other things, we’re still waiting.”

The plan includes funding from all three levels of government, as well as fundraising and private donations for an estimated total of $85 million.

A mother of four competitive swimmers voicer her support for Masters’ plan.

“I know firsthand what not having an adequate facility has meant,” Lois McGillivray,member of the Regina Optimist Dolphins Swim Club, said. “Our children are missing out on competitive opportunities within our own city, and are constantly having to travel for competition.”

McGillivray added that the City of Regina is losing athletes due to its lack of facilties.

Masters said her plan includes involvement from stakeholders so that atheletes seniors and families have a facility that meets their unique needs.