REGINA -- Mayoral candidate Sandra Masters released her election platform Thursday morning at a news conference in front of Regina City Hall.

Masters platform has four main pillars based around improving city operations, building a safe community, focusing on people and jobs and creating fair opportunities. 

Masters said her plan is ambitious and, if elected mayor, she promises to create an anti-poverty strategy within one year. 


Masters plans to increase accountability for city operations, pledging to review how tax dollars are being spent.

Masters said if elected she would conduct an efficiency review within the first six months.

She said property taxes have increased by 97 per cent since 2007 and by 36 per cent since current Mayor Michael Fougere took office.

“The question is, do you, as a taxpayer, feel that your services have increased or improved by 36 per cent?” she said.  

Masters said there is no plan to address the city’s $1 billion infrastructure deficit, adding that tax increases haven’t contributed to progress.

“There must be accountability for city operations and where tax dollars are being spent,” she said.


Masters said she plans to support the Regina Police Service and make sure they are funded.

She said she wants to develop a policing strategy that involves harm reduction and community relations.

She wants to create an anti-poverty strategy within one year, ensure firefighters are funded, attract investment to downtown, and enforce bylaws.


Masters wants to attract investment to the city, particularly from the agri-food and technology sectors, as well as explore biofuel and renewable energy opportunities.

She said she would eliminate the 29 per cent intensification levy, which she said is burdensome for renewal.

Masters wants to adopt a local procurement policy, reduce red tape, begin negotiations to relocate rail-lines outside city limits, plan for a new downtown library and multi-use cultural facility, plan for a new aquatic centre, and further develop city pathways and wayfinding.


Masters said she wants to increase understanding and respect towards Indigenous peoples and culture in Regina.

She said she wants to implement an Indigenous procurement strategy for city hall, and will encourage other businesses to do the same.

She wants to create opportunities for Indigenous investment and work with organizations that represent underrepresented communities.


Masters said she will be a leader and work to build relationships with the city.

She said she plans to unite council, focus on priorities, welcome collaboration, be a voice for Regina and hold City Hall accountable.