Mayor Michael Fougere took a pie to the face from Regina Police Chief Evan Bray as part of a fundraising campaign for Carmichael Outreach on Saturday.

The campaign began with a challenge to see which of the two community leaders could raise more money for Carmichael Outreach. Whoever won would get to pie the other.

People voted for who they wanted to see get pied by donating online. In the end, Bray came out on top.

“I came in here looking like I was confident, but I have some wet naps in my vehicle and a towel just in case I was the one,” said Bray at the event.

“To be honest, I was nervous. I mean, I’m glad I wasn’t the recipient of the pie, but it’s intimidating when it’s your boss on the other end.”

Together, Fougere and Bray raised $1,370, surpassing Carmichael’s goal of $1,000.

Fougere was happy to be a part of the campaign, even if it meant having to clean whipped cream off his face.

“I’ve administered several pies to people over my time, but this is the first time I’ve received one. It’s a new experience,” he said.

“If I can be a part of – and Chief Bray can be a part of – a fundraiser that helps a cause, that’s fun. That’s all good.”

As the cold weather sets in, this is one way Carmichael has gotten creative with its fundraising.

“At Carmichael, we don’t really receive a lot of government funding, so we rely on fundraisers like this and donations to help keep our doors open,” said Rochelle Berenyi, communications, advocacy and projects officer for the organization.

With the success of this fundraiser, Berenyi said Carmichael hopes to hold another fundraiser like this next year, if they can find two more willing participants.