REGINA -- The municipal election is right around the corner, and while many candidates are vying for residents votes one man is gearing up to leave civic politics behind.

Bob Maloney began his journalism career in Yorkton at a local newspaper before switching to television. While broadcasting was his passion for 35 years, Maloney decided it was time to take on a new challenge.

bob maloney

Bob Maloney is pictured here during his time working at CTV News. (CTV News Archives)

"I’m not good about complaining about things when you can get involved and make some changes that you think are necessary and so at the time I was urged to run for council (by) a sitting mayor and took it on," Maloney said.

After serving the community as councillor for two terms, he decided to run for mayor and has been leading the city for eight years.

"I've been very grateful for the people who work in administration, we're in the best shape of any small city financially in the province of Saskatchewan and there's a reason for that. We've got a great group of people that really care and I’ll be forever grateful to them for making my job easier,” he said.

Now he's decided to take on the new challenge of retirement, but he’s not straying away from being involved.

"I think in retirement I’ll still be active. I’ve already committed to being on one board and I’ve got offers to be on a few others, but I’ll continue to be active in the community. I always have and I think volunteering is a great way to support your community," The mayor said.

While Maloney is stepping away, he's eager to see what the next council will do, offering them a bit of advice;

“I know these are tough times but you have to move forward you have to get things done you have to continue to fix roads and water and sewer - all of the things that are underground that you don't cut ribbons for but all that work is critical for your community going into the future.”

While he's happy to be closing this chapter, he's grateful for the opportunity.

“It’s been a lot of fun - I feel fortunate because a lot of people in their careers don't enjoy what they do. I've always enjoyed what I’ve done and that has been a real blessing.”