REGINA -- Regina Public Schools announced on Wednesday afternoon that Marion McVeety school will remain closed through Oct. 16 due to a positive COVID-19 case of a staff member. The school will reopen to students and staff on Monday, Oct. 19.

This gives a 14 day period from the day of first contact for the staff member within the school.

“The decision to close the school is based on safety reasons and because the staff member who tested positive has had multiple contacts with staff and students,” Terry Lazarou, the supervisor of communications with Regina Public Schools, said. “That staff member was throughout the school, so we could not guarantee that it was safe in one classroom over another classroom.”

Starting on Thursday, all Marion McVeety students will have access to remote learning from their teachers to ensure learning continues.

Lazarou said this is the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in any school under Regina Public Schools.