REGINA -- At an event that officially opened the long-awaited Regina Bypass, the Premier of Saskatchewan said that Prime Minister Trudeau could start mending his relationship with the western provinces by agreeing to meet with him this week.

“We are an export-based province and an export-based nation,” Moe said. “We produce some of the most sustainable products in the world and it would serve the world well if we were to continue to be able to access markets all around the world.”

The City of Regina said Mayor Fougere has heard from the PMO, and expects a call to take place in the next day or so.

The Prime Minister also has a phone call scheduled with Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark on Tuesday, to address growing tension between the country’s east and west.

“I look forward to a conversation with the Prime Minister to talk about the uncertainty that people are feeling in our city and province,” Clark said in a statement.

Clark acknowledged the tension in his statement, but said, “We have a history of working together as a country that we need to build on,” and that cities need to be a part of the solution.

Clark also addressed the need for climate change action.

With files from CTV News Saskatoon.