REGINA -- Members of clubs affiliated to the Regina Rugby Union (RRU) have been named in allegations of sexual harassment and assault, according to an open letter posted by the organization.

In the letter, Nathan Sgrazzutti, the president of the union, said the allegations came to light through an Instagram post.

No individuals were specifically named in the letter. The rugby union said its member clubs are investigating the allegations internally and will be supportive of the decisions made as a result.

“It is the expectation that following their internal investigations that focused, immediate actions will be taken in order to protect survivors of any form of assault or harassment,” Sgrazzutti said.

In an interview Saturday, Sgrazzutti told CTV News the organization has a zero-tolerance policy towards any sexual abuse complaints. It has dealt with similar situations in the past.

"We are always as supportive as possible regarding these accusations and claims. It really does shine true that a victim's story is what they experienced and we have no right as to speak whether or not the truth of it because it's the truth they experienced,” Sgrazzutti explained.

The organization has created a committee to investigate the claims against its members.

“We have, as the Regina Rugby Union, struck a committee, led by important female leaders in our organization, that is willing to listen, hear and act upon any information provided,” Sgrazzutti said.

While the union and Saskatchewan Rugby have the ability to expel members for inappropriate actions, Sgrazzutti said the investigation and consequences are initially in the hands of the individual clubs.

“We can revoke memberships. But we are putting trust in the clubs themselves in order to investigate and come forward to us with a response,” Sgrazzutti said. “That being said, we expect actions to be taken.”

The RRU is encouraging anyone who has had any past interactions with members of their community to reach out to its executive.

With files from CTV News Regina's Donovan Maess