REGINA -- Concentrations of a specific metal, used for maintenance by the Co-op Refinery, was found to be “above provincial reportable standards” in Regina’s wastewater.

Vanadium was detected in a June 28 sample from the Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the City of Regina says it notified the Water Security Agency.

“The City has been working with the Co-op Refinery Complex and they have been hauling the metal concentrated wastewater offsite to a specialized treatment facility,” the City of Regina said in a media release.

Final testing results received on Friday indicate a “low risk to Wascana Creek."

“Downstream users were notified on July 10, with no action required. As of July 6, the Wastewater Treatment Plant final effluent levels were below provincial reporting standards,” the release said.

The City of Regina says its sampling program detects material entering and exiting he plant in order to reduce risk to residents and the environment.

"The city has made significant advancements in our wastewater sampling program over the last few years to protect the environment and the new wastewater treatment plant,” said Kurtis Doney, the director of water, waste and environment with the City of Regina.

“These particular test results that have been found are due to the proactive work that we have done to improve our wastewater sampling program and the results are above the provincial reportable standards so it’s important for us to report them as we’re doing them.”