Folk Fest and Yoga fans alike took part in a rare opportunity on Sunday, when Folk Fest headliner Michael Franti hosted a free yoga session complete with music in the park.

The event welcomed people of all skill levels, and the turnout was in the hundreds.

“It was so nice to see so many people here doing yoga altogether,” participant Sarah Abbott said. “And to see how many people are interested in yoga in the city.”

Michael Franti said he believes Yoga brings people together. Before the show on Sunday he got to connect with some of his fans.

“It’s about how we connect to the world and how we connect to our communities, and how we connect to each other,” Franti said. “With everything going on in the world right now we need that more than ever.”

The yogi’s even got a sneak preview of Franti’s set following the yoga class.

But Sunday’s show holds a special meaning for Franti.

“Well ten years ago was my first time playing at the Folk Festival,” Franti said. “And I looked down into the audience about six rows deep on the left hand side and I saw the woman who would eventually become my wife, Zara.”

Franti said he hopes to give his wife a kiss on stage, to commemorate the first time they saw each other.