With a fall chill in the air and the final moments of summer fading fast in Regina, Milky Way Ice Cream handed out their final cool treats of the 2019 season on Sunday.

The Queen City summertime favourite gave customers one last chance to get their fill of half-priced ice cream before closing their windows for the winter.

Anne and Carole Boldt, the owners of the ice cream shop, have been bringing sweetness to Regina since 1956. The final day of the season gives the sisters-in-law a break and time to relax during the offseason.

"It's been an up and down summer, with the weather, but this is our tradition. We close at thanksgiving, the day before. That way, we can be home with our families and cook a turkey,” said Carole.

The owners say they have made a lot of friends over their 39 years in the ice cream business.

“We miss that. And I do miss our customers because we've become friends with so many,” said Anne.

Milky Way has become a summer staple for many families in Regina, and the closing weekend has become a tradition for young customer Chloe Mile’s family.

“Every thanksgiving we always come here because it's the last day. So I’m actually pretty excited for next thanksgiving."

The Boldt’s say Milky Way will be back for the 2020 summer season, opening in March.