Two MLA’s who resigned from their position to pursue a seat in parliament will be able to collect severance monthly, until April 2020.

Warren Steinley, former MLA for Regina Walsh Acres and Corey Tocher, former MLA for Saskatoon Eastview qualify for $60,000 worth of severance that is available to all departing MLA’s.

“If they had any decency they would make it clear now that if elected they won’t collect money from Saskatchewan taxpayers, while they receive federal pay,” NPD leader Ryan Meili said.

The resignations leave vacancies in the two constituencies, and the premier says calling a by-election would not be worthwhile, as the provincial election is just a year away.

“The pay structure for MLAs in this province has been put in place and supported by members on both sides of the house and we'll be adhering to that,” Premier Scott Moe said.