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City of Moose Jaw heading back to council on new landfill site

Moose Jaw, Sask. -

After the RM of Moose Jaw rejected the city’s application on the Discretionary Use Development Permit for the construction of a new Solid Waste Management Facility, the city said they will be heading back to city council.

The new site was projected to be built just north of city limits.

The current site is over 100-years-old and nearing the end of its lifecycle.

"We are looking at the future location. There is no immediate plans to purchase or to acquire land for the future location, so it's really going to be back to discussion with the RM. Unfortunately the Solid Waste Management is a topic that will remain and it's very active in the city and is our responsibility to find a location,” said Moose Jaw City Manager, Maryse Carmichael.

The city said they plan to continue having discussions with the RM and residents on the issue before heading back to council.

In a statement to CTV News, the RM said they will continue to have a productive relationship with the city and will find appropriate solutions on the issue.

“RM Council is aware of the need for a viable solution to the solid waste issue, considering that the existing facility is nearing the end of its lifecycle. The RM will continue discussions with the City to help find a more suitable location or alternative solutions that supports future growth opportunities while sustaining agriculture practices within the Municipality.” Top Stories

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