Capital Pointe

Work officially began to backfill the Capital Pointe hole on Tuesday.

From August 2009 to June 2019, here’s the “hole” story on the past 10 years.

Capital Pointe appeal begins

August 2009: The Capital Pointe project is officially announced. The condo and hotel unit is supposed to be 26 storeys — the tallest building in Saskatchewan.

December 2011: The Plains Hotel, which stood at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Albert Street, is torn down to make way for Capital Pointe.

Capital Pointe

April 2014: The expected completion date for Capital Pointe is delayed for another year.

October 2015: Excavation begins on the Capital Pointe hole.

September 2017: The building permit for the project expires. Another permit is issued later that month.

Capital Pointe appeal adjourned to July

March 2018: The City of Regina orders the developer of the site, Westgate Properties Ltd., to fill the hole.

April 2018: Westgate files an appeal against the backfill order. The appeal board denies Westgate’s request.

Capital Pointe

February 2019: The Saskatchewan Building and Accessibility Standards Appeal Board orders Westgate to backfill the Capital Pointe hole.

April 2019: The City closes applications for contractors to fill the hole.

Capital Pointe for sale

April 2019: The excavation at the corner of Albert Street and Victoria Avenue is listed for sale by Cushman and Wakefield Regina for $8.5 million.

May 2019: City council awards the contract to backfill the site to CBS Contracting Inc.

Capital Pointe

June 2019: Work begins to backfill the site. The city projects work will be complete by October 2019.