If this is your first time voting in a federal election, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of everything you need to know before you head out to the polls on Election Day.

To register and vote in the federal election you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be at least 18 years old on the day of the election
  • Prove your identity and address

Questions to ask:

  • Am I registered at my current address?
  • Has my voter information card come in the mail? If yes, you’re registered to vote. If not, you may not be registered, or your information may not be up to date. Visit elections.ca or call 1-800-463-6868 to update your voter information.
  • Do I know my riding? To see a breakdown of the ridings in the Regina area, click here.

Make a plan to vote:

  • At your polling station on Oct. 21. Your assigned polling station will remain open for 12 hours.
  • By mail, deadlines apply.

Proving your ID:

  • Option 1: Driver’s license or any other government issued ID with your photo, name and current address.
  • Option 2: Two pieces of ID, both with your name and one with your current address. Example: Voter information card and bank statement, or utility bill and student ID card.
  • Option 3: You can vote if you declare your identity and address in writing, and have someone who knows you and is also assigned to your polling station verify the information you provide. The voucher must prove their identity and address.
  • For information about the accessibility of your polling station, visit elections Canada.ca or call 1-800-463-6868 or 1-800-361-8935. To request assistance at your polling station in advance, call the Elections Canada office in your riding prior to Oct. 15.

Tools available on Election Day:

  • Bigger ballot with names in large print
  • Magnifiers
  • Braille lists of candidates
  • Large-grip pencil
  • Tactile and braille voting template
  • Assistance marking your ballot

Election Profiles

If you are still undecided on who you want vote for, check out our election profiles featuring information on every candidate, in every southern Saskatchewan riding.

Free Transit

Voters going to the polls to vote in Monday’s federal election won’t need to worry about bus fares, as Regina Transit will be free for residents heading to cast their ballots.

“It’s important for residents to get out and vote,” Kim Onrait, Executive Director of Citizen Services said in a release. “We want everyone to have an opportunity to get to their polling stations and have their say in this Federal Election and we hope free bus service will help.”

The city says the decision was made after inquiries earlier this week.

A pass for free bus service can be downloaded and printed or shown on a smartphone to a bus operator.

The pass will be valid for both regular buses and paratransit service.