REGINA -- The City of Regina has added another 11 kilometres of snow routes this winter, bringing the total up to 16 kilometres of road in the Queen City.

The new routes now include:

  • Winnipeg Street - Ross Avenue to Broadway Avenue
  • Victoria Avenue - Pasqua Street to Albert Street
  • Victoria Avenue - Broad Street to Winnipeg Street
  • Toronto Street - Victoria Avenue to College Avenue
  • College Avenue - Winnipeg Street to Arcola Avenue
  • Broadway Avenue - Broad Street to Park Street
  • 15th Avenue - Elphinstone Street to Winnipeg Street
  • 14th Avenue - Toronto Street to Winnipeg Street
  • 14th Avenue - Albert Street to Halifax Street
  • 13th Avenue - Broad Street to Toronto Street

All snow routes are marked by a blue sign with a white snowflake.

Snow routes are declared when snowfall reaches five centimetres, any day of the week. Residents will be notified at 3 p.m. the day before the snow route goes into effect. There will be 24-hour parking ban in the areas while plows clear the area.

The City says snow plows can work 20 per cent faster when the streets are clear of vehicles.

Anyone parked in the areas during a ban will be ticketed.