A Moose Jaw-area couple is putting a new twist on the traditional campground, while reusing old farming materials.

Julie and Dennis Hilling have turned six of their steel grain bins into cabins for others to rent. Each two-bedroom cabin is insulated, with heat and air conditioning, and a skylight.


“Then we’re prepared for whatever Saskatchewan weather throws at us,” said Julie Hilling.

They’ve also converted their old seed-cleaning plant into an event centre, and have spots for RV’s and tents.

“We’re only about eight miles from the lake, Buffalo Pound, and the original idea was to cater to group camping. It’s so hard, if you are trying to get a place as a group, where you can be together and have some facilities,” Julie Hilling said.

The couple retired their farming operations in 2015. They sold much of their equipment, but were unable to sell the grain bins, as they are cemented into the ground. ‘Bin There Campground’ puts the bins to a good use, while giving the couple a new business opportunity.

“It was a bit of a challenge, but it’s coming together now,” said Dennis Hilling.


The couple said they never imagined they'd spend their golden years in the hospitality industry, but are looking forward to a business less dependent on the weather.

“The main (draw for customers) is, ‘I'm sleeping in a bin, in a grainery,’” Julie said. “It's so Saskatchewan and so agriculture.”

Although, there are some problems these retired farmers just can't escape.

“I'm trying to get grass growing right now. I'm wasting a lot of water. Hopefully it's going to rain in a day or two,” said Dennis with a laugh.

The ‘Bin There Campground’ officially opens to the public at the start of July.