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'More of everything': Regina's famous Italian Star Deli opens new location


Regina’s Italian Star Deli has officially moved into its new building, celebrating a "soft opening" on Tuesday.

The iconic deli has been operating on the 1600 block of Victoria Avenue since 1966.

Its new location is not too far away, located right next door to the original building to be exact.

The new building is four times the size of the original and also includes an Italian style bakery.

While some of the same familiar and friendly faces will be at the new location, the business will now be run by the third generation of the Giambattista family.

“It’s a surreal moment,” owner Carlo Giambattista told CTV News at the opening.

“You know, we’ve been spinning the wheels on the back of the car for the last several months, just trying to get it going. So it feels fantastic.”

According to Carlo, the new location offers the third generation of Giambattistas a venue to continue on with.

“So this going to be theirs’s,” he said. “Our old place was showing its wears and its tears … I feel so grateful for that’s done for us but the new generation, now we’re going to see if we can swing this for another 57 years.”

The new location has more stock, a fully operational kitchen and hot meals prepared all the time.

“We’ve got two checkouts now and just more of everything, that’s how you show growth,” Carlo explained.

The official address of the new location is 1631 Victoria Ave. Top Stories

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