The province has introduced legislation that will allow ridesharing to operate in Saskatchewan.

The legislation has provisions to allow residents to carry licensing and insurance that would allow them to drive for a ridesharing company, such as Uber or Lyft.

“The fight against impaired driving is a priority for our government, and Saskatchewan people have told us this will provide another option for them to get home safely,” said Joe Hargrave, minister responsible for SGI, in a news release. “This legislation provides a framework for licensing and insurance, sets out appropriate safeguards for the public, and gives municipalities the authority to determine the right public transportation mix for their communities.”

The legislation states that all ridesharing drivers must have criminal record checks and possess a driver’s licence that would allow them to drive for ridesharing, taxi and limousine companies.

Ridesharing companies must file written evidence of a motor vehicle liability insurance policy with a minimum limit of $1 million, and the company must insure every vehicle used to provide service under the Automobile Accident Insurance Act.

Municipalities will still set the bylaws that govern ridesharing companies in their towns or cities.

Cities currently restrict the number of cabs allowed on the road. The taxi industry feels ride sharing should be regulated in a similar fashion. "Analyze the data that's out there and put the vehicles out and authorize them out when required. There's no reason to have an extra 500 vehicles out in downtown Saskatoon in the middle of the day on a Wednesday," said Carlo Triolo, Saskatchewan Taxi Cab Association.

Uber told CTV News it is excited about operating in Saskatchewan, "Whether it be municipal or the provincial government, we're looking to work with all levels of government to ensure that the rules are actually smart rules that make sense for ride sharing," said Ramit Kkar, Uber.

Uber will not be able to operate in Saskatchewan until all the regulatory hurdles have been cleared.