Regina Police Chief Evan Bray is heading to Ottawa to chair a meeting on firearm issues in communities across the country for the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

The meeting follows a string of gun violence in Regina last month.

“The month of May was a tough month for us. We had a couple of offenders that committed numerous offences using firearms, knowing that we were successful in being able to make some arrests and some firearm seizures through those incidents,” Chief Evan Bray said following Tuesday’s Board of Police Commissioners meeting.

But Bray says the Queen City isn’t the only community in Canada facing gun problems.

“This isn’t unique to Regina but it’s something I think we’re all trying to get a handle on,” Bray said. “Where are they coming from? What can we do from a legislative or community standpoint that can reduce the risk that they’re posing in our communities and really how to keep them out of the hands of people that are going to use them for an illegal purpose.”

Bray also points to more guns used in crimes being found as a side effect of more enforcement.

“It’s a big issue for sure, sometimes an increase in stats is indicative of success for frontline police officers,” Bray said. “If we seize more firearms, then I’m proud of the fact our officers are seizing more firearms. I think that’s a real positive thing.”

Bray hopes to see continued work that succeeds in keeping offenders accountable and guns off the streets.