Regina is strengthening its ties with Fujioka in Japan.

The Queen City has signed an official Friendship Agreement after a longstanding educational exchange program, the city says.

According to the city, the agreement will help promote and strengthen educational ties between the two cities, along with encouraging economic and cultural ties.

“Entering into a Friendship Agreement with Fujioka is a significant first for the City of Regina. The Agreement provides for meaningful exchanges, communication and the sharing of knowledge and best practices in areas like recreation, economic development, arts and cultural activities,” Mayor Michael Fougere said in a news release.

“This agreement will enrich global awareness and communication skills of more citizens. We would like to promote the exchange between community organizations, in addition to continuing the student exchange program,” Fujioka’s Mayor Arai said.

Regina officials want to use the agreement to open lines of communication and share information between the two cities.

A Friendship Agreement doesn't include formal protocols or mandatory travel and spending, the city says.