On Monday, a group of approximately 20 people protested outside the front entrance of the Pasqua Hospital.

The protest follows a trip Lisa Dustyhorn made to the emergency room last week, she claims she didn’t receive adequate treatment at the Pasqua Hospital and she alleges it’s because of her race.

“They need to address the issue to the nurses and give them proper training and tell them that we need to be treated equal,” said Dustyhorn.

Dustyhorn says she suffers from liver and kidney issues and sought medical care because she was in pain. She says she was denied medication to help manage her pain. Following her visit to the hospital, Dustyhorn attempted to file a complaint about her treatment the following day.

“I went in there to emergency and said that I want to talk to the supervisor or manager and they said, ‘who are you?’ and I said, ‘Lisa Dustyhorn’, and the nurse said, ‘Oh, it’s you’ and ‘They’re not here’, and I said I wanted to know a number, so she did give me a number,” said Dustyhorn.

Officials from the hospital spoke with Dustyhorn at Monday’s protest and will be sitting down with her on Tuesday to find out more about the situation and how they can provide her better care in the future.

“I’m actually anxious to meet with the patient and find out where did we drop the ball and what is her perception of the care. I need to hear her story,” said Glen Perchie, Director of Emergency for the Regina area. “I want to get to the bottom of this, this is really important. All patients, all people are welcome in our emergency departments, we’re here for the public.”

Perchie added that if any patient feels they haven’t received the care they deserve at the hospital to contact Patient Advocate Services.