Two Ugandan boys have been reunited with their family in Regina after a difficult adoption process complicated their journey to Canada.

Ben Kibuli and Emmanuel Makpe arrived in Regina on Wednesday night, after a six year effort by his Uncle Poziano Aluma.

“We are very, very happy, we finally feel that our dream of having a family with them is actually achieved,” said Aluma.

The boy's mother suffered from mental illness and had to give the boys up. She later escaped from a mental health institution and is presumed dead.

“She disappeared and we never found her. Even though we put a lot of search effort and searched for her for days and months, she was never found,” said Aluma.

The boy’s mother’s unknown status made the adoption complicated and expensive. Their uncle raised tens of thousands of dollars to get them here, through personal donations, garage sales and publication of a book.

“Finally they’re here. We came here on Wednesday morning,” said Aluma. “Since then, they have just run around as if they’ve always been here.”

With files from CTV’s Wayne Mantyka