OTTAWA -- Premier Scott Moe has expressed his disappointment with how his meeting with the Prime Minister went.

"We have provided some options for [Trudeau] to support the people of the province and today I did not hear a commitment to moving forward on those items," said Moe.

Top of the agenda were the premier’s previously stated priorities, outlined in a series of letters sent to the prime minister following the election that saw the Liberals entirely shut out of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

"I came here today to hear about what he was going to do differently to support the industries and the people in the province," he said. "We need to see some action."

Despite the grassroots Wexit movement picking up steam, Moe said his government will operate within the confines of the federation.

"The strength of our nation is some of the strengths of all of our provinces and Saskatchewan has been an outsized contributor over the last number of years," said Moe.

"This all or nothing ultimatum approach that Mr. Moe is taking has advanced our cause in no way and is actually making it more difficult for Saskatchewan be successful, more difficult for us to make the changes at a national level that will improve our economy," Sask. NDP leader Ryan Meili said.

The meeting between Moe and Trudeau is one in a series of sit-downs between the PM and provincial leaders.

Late last week, Trudeau met with Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister who pledged to work with other conservative premiers to find a place of common ground with the federal government.

With files from's Sarah Turnbull.