REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Party held a physically distanced "Big Honkin’ Rally” in Regina on Thursday afternoon.

Leader Scott Moe addressed supporters in their vehicles as he outlined some of the party’s previously announced campaign commitments.

He highlighted a new home renovation tax credit, one year reductions to power bills, an active families benefit, and other affordability measures for students and seniors, among other platform promises.

“All of these measures will drive a strong recovery and make life more affordable for students, seniors, families and everyone,” Moe said, in a release.

“The Saskatchewan Party has a record of growth. The NDP has a record of decline. The Saskatchewan Party has a plan for a strong recovery. The NDP plan will grind our recovery to a screeching halt.”

Moe said he will continue "standing up" for Saskatchewan on the national stage, noting the NDP’s support of the federal carbon tax.

“Our record is also one of standing up for Saskatchewan people. Standing up to the Federal Government if necessary,” Moe said. “Standing up for our energy industry and standing up for pipeline growth in this province, and yes standing against the Trudeau carbon tax."

Attendees were encouraged to honk their horns to show support.

The Saskatchewan Party said it will hold another “Big Honkin’ Rally” in Saskatoon on Friday.