REGINA -- Saskatchewan’s premier has penned a letter to Canada’s prime minister ahead of the Throne Speech scheduled to take place on Sept. 23.

Scott Moe explained in the letter that he’s writing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to express the priorities of Saskatchewan residents, who are currently not represented by the Liberal party caucus.


Moe requested the federal price on pollution be paused until Saskatchewan’s challenge of the policy is heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.

“It is clear that our governments disagree on the constitutionality of this tax, but we should agree that now is not the time for Canadians to be faced with increasing and arbitrary costs,” Moe wrote.

Moe went on to state his concerns regarding the federal government's intention to present a “green agenda”.

"While all Canadians would support a commitment to environmental protection and sustainability, there is significant concern that your 'ambitious green agenda' is code for shutting down our energy industry, a major driver of Canada’s economy," Moe wrote.

The premier asked that Trudeau affirm his commitment to the province's oil and gas sector in the Throne Speech.


Moe tells Trudeau he believes there is more than can be done to address climate change with the provincial governments.

“Together with the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and soon Alberta, our government is prioritizing the research and deployment of nuclear Small Modular Reactors in order to provide zero-emission power over the coming years,” Moe wrote.

Moe said that support from the federal government on this initiative would help advance the project.


The premier explained in his letter to the prime minister, that Saskatchewan has 123 shovel-ready municipal projects currently waiting for federal approval. These projects represent $590 million in infrastructure spending.

“It is greatly concerning that these projects, representing real jobs and real investment in communities, have sat on a desk for months waiting for approval,” Moe wrote.


Moe concluded his letter by stating that “provinces and territories agree” that the Canada Health Transfer is not working the way it’s meant to. He also isolated similar concerns with the Fiscal Stabilization Program.

“...Western Canadians have legitimate, long-standing concerns regarding the federal equalization formula,” he said. “A discussion on the shortfalls of one federal transfer will not compensate for the broken programs of equalization and fiscal stabilization that are currently in place.”

Moe explained he believes the federal government is acting irresponsibly by ignoring these concerns of the Saskatchewan government.

At the letter’s end, Moe explained that addressing these points in the Throne Speech would be a significant step toward addressing the feeling of alienation in the western part of the province.

The leaders of the other federal parties were also copied on the letter.