REGINA -- Scott Moe will be announcing his cabinet in the coming days, in preparation for a fall legislative session.

At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Moe reiterated that his party would keep its campaign commitments and would be looking to get to work on them in the house this year.

“As I said last night, we are going to get to work right away,” Moe said. “I will be meeting with our new caucus, we’ll be putting together a new cabinet, and we will be starting to plan precisely what is going to go in our speech from the throne for this fall, as well as a fall session."

Moe said the first priority for his party would be a home renovation tax credit that was promised on the campaign trail.

“That will be bill one when we open the house here this fall and there may be some other pieces of legislation that are pertinent to some of the campaign commitments that we had made,” Moe said.

The premier-elect would not commit to any additional funding for health care or education in the province, heading into a fall legislative sitting.

Moe emphasized the funding announcements his government made before the campaign began.

“Our health care system is going to be funded here in the province. We’re in some unprecedented times,” Moe said. “We did, I believe, before we went on the campaign trail, pass a number of special warrants to ensure that the health care system did have the funding that they would be required to manage for an unspecified period of time.”

He noted that education funding still remains available to school divisions upon request.


With many constituencies still up in the air and mail in ballots yet to be counted, Moe said he has reached out to his candidates that are still in tight races across the province.

“It’s hard to change the trajectory, it is hard to turn seats around, but in saying that there are tens of thousands of ballots out there, there are some close seats,” Moe said.

“This is a little different than other years where we don’t have this lag effect, at least to this level where the mail-in ballots are as large as they are.”

Elections Saskatchewan is expecting to have final vote counts by Nov. 7.