A majority of crops are in good condition and are at their normal stage of development across the province.

Topsoil moisture conditions province wide are mostly rated at a surplus or adequate, but the moisture is still in short supply in the southwest.

The crop progression has continued to be helped by rain throughout the province. Areas in the southwest had varying levels of rainfall this week, from 15 mm in the Mossbank area to 80 mm in the Vanguard area which has added much needed moisture to the topsoil.

Haying operations have begun and five per cent of the hay crop has been cut and two per cent has been baled or put into silage. Across the province, quality is rated as eight per cent excellent, 44 per cent good, 38 per cent fair and 10 per cent poor.

The hay yield is expected to be below average this year due to dry conditions. This will lead to pastures having a reduced carrying capacity throughout the summer months.

The majority of crop damage this week was due to the lack of moisture, but cutworms are still causing damage in some areas of the province.