The City of Moose Jaw has passed their 2018 budget, with a plan to increase taxes and upgrade city facilities.

Homeowners will see a property tax increase of 6.4 per cent, while sewer rates will jump by 6 per cent and water rates will jump by 9 per cent.

Five members of council voted in favour of the budget, while two, Brian Swanson and Dawn Luhning, voted against.

“I just think we didn't do enough to look inwards to see if there is some things that we could be a little bit more efficient with.” Luhning said.

Moose Jaw mayor Fraser Tolmie said that while the province has a goal of eliminating deficit, the city has a mandate to improve infrastructure, especially water lines. The city had a record number of water main breaks in 2016.

“Our mandate was that we were given by the citizens of moose jaw, to replace the infrastructure, and that's what we're doing.”

The new increases will take effect on May 1.