Regina isn't the only Saskatchewan city experiencing an increase in the crime rate; Moose Jaw’s crime rate is also on the rise.

“We are still a safe community, as are other communities in Saskatchewan. However, there are times when things aren't that safe, and we will respond to those,” said Moose Jaw police chief, Rick Bourassa.

The Moose Jaw police service responded to 3,500 criminal code incidents in 2018, which is an increase over previous years. The city’s violent crime severity index has more than doubled since 2013.

However, Bourassa said the increase is comparable to increases in other jurisdictions across the country. Like other cities, he said firearms and drugs are factors.

“What we are concerned with is the meth issue, which is not just in the city of Moose Jaw or the province of Saskatchewan. It's across Canada,” said mayor of Moose Jaw, Fraser Tolmie.

The police service is introducing a few tools to combat crime. It’s adding two additional dogs to its canine unit.

“Now, we have canine coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Bourassa said.

The service is also training officers with a drone. Bourassa said he expects the service will have their own operational drone within the next year.

“When you put that up, you can cover so much area so quickly,” Bourassa said. “And at night time, it allows us to use the heat signatures to locate people as well.”

While the overall crime rate may be up in Moose Jaw, Bourassa said property crimes and crimes against persons were down in 2018 in comparison to previous years.