Some residents of Moose Jaw support the idea of allowing marijuana dispensaries to open up shop in the city, once legalization takes place in July.

Recreational consumption of marijuana is currently illegal in Canada. The federal government is laying out basic laws for the drug, but leaving regulations up to the provinces.

Moose Jaw City council is expected to discuss the topic at a council meeting on Monday. Some Moose Jaw residents say it’s about time.

"I think its 40 years overdue. Back in the 60’s when I used to smoke this stuff I would’ve appreciated that it wasn’t illegal,” a Moose Jaw resident told CTV Regina on Sunday.

"I think it’s an excellent idea, because it regulates the marijuana distribution its taxed its safer, it brings out the black market of the trade. Safer for minors and what not,” a different Moose Jaw resident told CTV Regina on Sunday.

Some residents do have some concerns regarding the regulation of dispensaries.

"Some of the drawbacks could be testing, you'll have to get a lot of your products tested which could be really costly, but it’s also really important,” said herbalist Sommer Amare.

Sommer Amare makes honey and hemp oil in Moose Jaw. None of her products contain THC, but Amare is interested to see what rules will affect her small business and the possibility of creating products for dispensaries.

“Different lotions, different topical remedies stuff like that, that’s what I would be interested in,” Amare said. “It has so many benefits and benefits in ways that people might not understand, like for skin. There is nothing about getting high, there is no THC, and it’s just anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. There are just wonderful benefits that maybe not all of the public understands."

Moose Jaw council members plan to discuss the possibility of allowing marijuana dispensaries in the city at a meeting on Monday.