REGINA -- A group of Regina seniors is hitting the pavement to raise awareness and money for a mental health charity.

The Williston Walkers is a group of seniors at The Williston retirement home in Harbour Landing raising money for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

“With the pandemic there have been a lot of people struggling with mental illness,” said Denise Anderson, a member of the Williston Walkers and the organizer of the fundraiser. “It’s a charity that is very near and dear to our hearts and we wanted a way to give back”

Anderson said that while younger people are often at the forefront of talking about their mental health, all ages have issues.

“Mental health does not know age,” said Anderson. “Young old in between it doesn’t matter. We all go through periods in our life where it is a bit of a struggle.”

The Williston Walkers have raised more than $5,000 so far and to celebrate, the group walked 5km around the neighbourhood, with fans cheering them along the way.

Sinclair Harrison, a member of the group, said the walk was not something that happened overnight.

“It’s been a good group and we have been walking for a few months now getting ready for this,” said Harrison. “It was a little windy but the temperature was just right.”

The walkers ranged in age from 74 to 86, all advocating for mental health awareness

“In our generation, it was never talked about,” said Edna McCall, who took part in the walk. “I’m so happy now that it’s an open conversation, because there are so many people that need help and are getting help.”

While the group was filled with laughter and smiles throughout the walk, the group stressed that mental health is most important.

“I think the more we can do something towards raising money so that there can be something done with mental health and the proper research would be great,” said McCall.

The Williston Walkers will be accepting donations until the end of June in hopes of giving back as much as they can.