This is a fun take on the famous Caprese salad but honestly, with COVID-19, this method is for whatever you have on hand. The key to a salad with so few ingredients is to play with the presentation. Use whatever fun plate or shaped platter or bowl you have. If you don’t have access to bocconcini cheese, use feta cheese or whatever vegetables you have on hand. It will be delicious just the same.

Assorted tomatoes in all shapes, sizes and colours

Bocconcini cheese (fresh mozzarella – not pizza mozz)

Fresh mint leaves, very thinly sliced

Simple Dressing #1

Simple Dresssing #2

Cut or leave whole the tomatoes (varying when the tomatoes are cut or left whole makes for an interesting presentation). Spread them on a platter or shallow bowl. Top with sliced bocconcini cheese. Scatter over the fresh mint. Drizzle with simple dressing #1 or #2. Serve immediately.

Simple Dressing #1: Drizzle over a tablespoon or two of olive oil. Sprinkle over a small amount of vinegar of your choice. Season with salt.

Simple Dressing #2: In a small bowl, whisk together 1 heaping tbsp of basil pesto. Thin with a small amount of olive oil. Add ½ tsp white wine or red wine vinegar. Drizzle over salad.