A new survey released by Simplii Financial is taking a “Deep Dive on Digital Trends” across Canada, and includes some interesting information about Saskatchewan’s habits with tech.

The report surveyed just over 3,000 randomly selected Canadian adults and is the first report of this kind Simplii has filed.

According to the report’s highlights for Saskatchewan, 87 per cent of Saskatchewan people surveyed use one login password for multiple websites, 23 per cent higher than British Columbia or Ontario.

Nearly half of participants from Saskatchewan reported feeling anxious when they’re separated from their phone, the highest in the country. Meanwhile, Atlantic Canada had the lowest rate of what’s known as “phone separation anxiety” at 29 per cent.

Most Saskatchewan people said they would rather connect in person than digitally, but over half said they would prefer to send an email or text versus talking on the phone.

Finally, people from Saskatchewan were the least likely to feel that “digital tools or technology simplify their lives”, with only 65 per cent agreeing tech makes their lives less complicated compared to the national average of 79 per cent.

The full report can be viewed here.