The ninth day of the Regina sentencing hearing for one of Hannah Leflar's killers heard emotional victim impact statements from Leflar's family and friends.

Many people in the room were in tears as the 12 statements were read in court Friday. The teen stared straight ahead and showed no visible emotion.

The Crown read a statement from Hannah's uncle, Barry Leflar.

"How does anyone come to terms with someone who deliberately planned and executed a murder of a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her?” he asked.

“Hannah did not deserve this."

In another statement read by the Crown, Hannah's cousin, Chelsey, said "I think over and over of the unimaginable horror fear and pain Hannah experienced by this act...I feel physically sick trying to comprehend this."

Hannah's stepmom Lore and father Jeff Leflar spoke through tears.

"There are times when the pain is so raw and so real, we don't think we can go on," Lore said.

Court also heard from Hannah’s mother, Janet.

"She was my only child. I will never know my daughter as an adult,” she said. “I've lost my entire future because of this. Please have no mercy for him."

Turning to address her daughter’s killer, she said "burn in hell."

The court also heard from Trina Debler, a program director with Correctional Service Canada. Debler spoke in response to testimony given earlier this week, when the defence brought in an expert, who told the court if the teen is sentenced as an adult, he would have virtually no mental health programming options.

Debler explained the various programs available to inmates at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary, including new multi-targeting programming to tackle several issues.

She also said the facility has a mental health service team on site, and offenders can request to see mental health staff at any time.

The sentencing hearing is scheduled to resume Tuesday morning.