REGINA -- A Regina mother is struggling to navigate the treacherous situation COVID-19 has caused for her family.

Tammy Grover’s two oldest children live with cystic fibrosis which impacts their immune systems and makes the risks associated with COVID-19 much greater.

“If my children caught [COVID-19], it could kill them, and it most likely would kill them,” she said.

Tammy’s oldest child, Jelena Grover, received a lung transplant which made her immunocompromised.

Tammy is pleading with the public to take self-isolation seriously. She says if her children caught COVID-19 they would suffer immensely.

“Probably until they died unfortunately,” Tammy said. “I don’t think people understand the severity of it especially for a family like ours.”

The Grovers were forced to take a significant risk on Wednesday. They had to visit the hospital so Jelena could have a blood transfusion.

“We had no choice we had to,” Tammy said. “It was life or death.”

Tammy’s son, Jaydn Grover, struggles with lung function as a result of cystic fibrosis.

“His lung function would drop drastically,” she said. “Now I don’t know what the future holds.”

Tammy wants the public to know how important it is to take self-isolation seriously, for the safety of others, including her children.

“If people actually just listen, it will stop,” she said. “I think that a lot of people aren’t listening and I think that a lot of young people aren’t listening.”

She wants people to understand that her children are vulnerable, and does not want to see their lives end due to COVID-19 after spending most of their lives in hospital.

Tammy said the Grover’s lived in isolation before the threat of COVID-19.

Board games, movies, Netflix and grocery deliveries are part of everyday life for the Grovers.

“It’s sometimes hard to even go for walks, now that there are so many people going for walks. We have to just avoid people at all costs,” Tammy said. “We just can’t take that chance.”

She said the family continues to communicate via phone with the transplant and cystic fibrosis clinics.