REGINA -- The provincial government is asking urban mayors and councillors, who are meeting virtually this week, to reconsider their organization’s name change.

“I would ask that SUMA, or Municipalities of Saskatchewan, reconsider the rebranding or the name change that they put forward,” said Minister of Government Relations Don McMorris. 

The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association announced a new name at last year’s annual convention. What was formerly known as SUMA is now Municipalities of Saskatchewan. 

McMorris said the new name is causing friction with SARM, the group that represents rural municipalities. The organization’s president agreed. 

“When we see them using that name. It really gives us the sense – and some of the SUMA members did say that yesterday – that they feel, as well as we do, that they’re only one organization in this province and that’s Municipalities of Saskatchewan and that’s not true,” said SARM president Ray Orb.

Municipalities of Saskatchewan was not immediately available for comment. 

The provincial government will have the final say on the rebranding. SUMA’s name is incorporated through provincial legislation, which requires government action to amend.