REGINA -- The Humpty’s Restaurant on Albert Street has a new look to brighten spirits during the pandemic.

When the restaurant closed due to COVID-19, the owners boarded up the windows to safeguard the building.

Now, those boards have a colourful mural.

Visual Artist Josh Goff was commissioned by the Regina Warehouse District to create a COVID-related work of art. He began on Monday, and expects to finish up on Friday.

Josh Groff

The tribute is aimed at health-care workers and grocery store clerks.

Goff hopes anyone passing by will enjoy even a moment of happiness during this difficult time in history.

He’s also trying to convey a message.

“Staying safe and being kind I think was pretty important, cause of everything going on right now,” said Goff. “I’ve seen people be really nice to each other, and I’ve seen people not be so nice to each other. So I thought just that reminder of being kind was a good message, a simple message.”

Mural mask

When Humpty’s reopens its doors, the mural will be preserved and displayed elsewhere in the Warehouse District.

Restaurants can reopen at 50 per cent capacity in phase three of the province's reopening plan. Saskatchewan hasn't set a date for this phase.