MOOSE JAW -- Julie Ramsay is heartbroken after everything she owned was stolen out of a storage unit in Moose Jaw.

“It’s my entire life, my entire life was taken away,” Ramsay said.

Last September, Ramsay moved all of her possessions into storage as she looked for a home to settle into.

She last checked on the unit at the end of May. On Tuesday, she went to pick up a toy she was going to take to her grandson and found a different lock on the unit.

After getting the lock cut, she found the storage unit empty.

“They took everything,” she said. “They took every piece of furniture I owned, they took 25-30 large moving boxes, it was my entire life.”

The theft is under investigation by the Moose Jaw Police Service.

Ramsay says police told her this is becoming an issue in the city, but the amount of things she had stolen is unprecedented.

Access Storage says this facility was purchased in February, 2019 and this is the first security issue at this location.

The company is now investigating how it happened and what they can do to prevent it in the future.

“Right now, we’re looking into putting extra measures to ensure the situation is secure,” said Dave Hardy, director of operations with Storage Vault Canada, who owns and operates the storage facility.

“I feel that they need to ramp up surveillance, they need to ramp up security in some form,” Ramsay said. “These thieves need to know that there’s a high risk of them getting caught.”

Ramsay says she doesn’t know what to do next, but knows she can’t replace what she lost.

“I’m absolutely devastated because I had treasures, precious treasures, from my mom and dad, my daughters, my grandson and I just want my treasures back,” she said.