REGINA -- Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Meili continues to deliver warnings of potential cuts from a re-elected Saskatchewan Party government.

Meili was joined by Regina Coronation Park candidate Noor Burki at an event in Regina on Friday morning.

“Noor Burki is the kind of change that the people of Regina Coronation Park are looking for,” said Meili. “He’s hearing what so many of our candidates and volunteers are hearing on the doorstep: this time, people just can’t trust Scott Moe to make the investments we need to fight COVID-19 and strengthen our communities.”

Meili highlighted cuts the Saskatchewan Party made to health care and education after it was elected in 2016.

Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe has stated multiple times throughout the campaign there will be no cuts if the Saskatchewan Party is re-elected. 

The Saskatchewan general election will take place on Oct. 26.