REGINA -- NDP Leader Ryan Meili said his party would remove PST from construction labour to involve more Saskatchewan businesses in infrastructure projects, during a campaign announcement Friday.

“This tax cut coupled with our Sask. First commitment to hire local businesses for local projects would men the missed opportunities like the Regina bypass would never happen again,” Meili said.

Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe was in Saskatoon promising to put the trades back to work through a $7.5 billion infrastructure program.

The western provinces have an agreement that removes all barriers to trade, investment and labour mobility between provinces. However, some critics including the NDP, believe Saskatchewan companies aren’t getting a fair share of work out of province.

“Our record on job creation is strong in this province, 75,000 jobs have been created over the course of just the last decade. Now that compares to the NDP’s record of the dead last job creation record in the nation. The NDP have no solid ground to stand on when it comes to creating jobs in this province. Under their record, people left this province," Moe said.

He also called on Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe to attend a youth debate next week.

Debate organizers announced the Saskatchewan Party is sending former Minister of the Environment Dustin Duncan to participate in Moe’s place.

“I’m really looking forward to this chance to talk to the young men and women of Saskatchewan,” Meili said. “This is the time that we should be having that further debate on the issues, sharing our visions and putting them up in front of people. Young people have so much at stake right now, he should show up.”

The Saskatchewan general election will take place on Oct. 26. For more election coverage from CTV News Regina, visit us here.