An exciting trick play from Roughriders punter Jon Ryan was negated in Saskatchewan’s Saturday night win at Mosaic Stadium, leading to some confusion from fans and players.

On a third down and three early in the second quarter, Ryan pulled up from his field goal hold and passed to Kienan Lafrance for nine yards and the first down. But an ineligible receiver penalty brought the play back and forced a Rider’s punt.

CFL operations tweeted out the leagues technical explanation for the flag.

Riders head coach Craig Dickenson took the blame for the confusion on special teams after the game.

“You have to give the officials the numbers of the guys that are playing on your punt team in ineligible positions that have eligible numbers,” said Dickenson. “We changed our punt protection this week and I just spaced it out and forgot about it.”

Dickenson said this is only the second time in his career that his team has been flagged on this rule.

The play was a moment of excitement for some fans as it was reminiscent of a similar trick play where Ryan threw for a touchdown in the 2014 NFL playoffs with the Seattle Seahawks.