REGINA-- Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has a clear message for the Prime Minster.

Moe is calling on the Federal Government to cancel the carbon tax, restructure equalization and strike new deals to get products to market.

Scott Moe made the announcement on Tuesday, pointing out that with no Liberals elected in Saskatchewan during the 2019 federal election the province no longer has any representation in the minority government.

After hearing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak about supporting the prairies following the victory on Monday, Moe decided to call on the federal government to strike new deals with provinces.

"I am a frustrated federalist. I believe in the nation of Canada, but most certainly the policies that have taken place, and the direction that we have taken over the course of the last four years I think speaks to many in this province,” Moe said.

“We saw the results of the election last night, this is not working for Saskatchewan as we move forward."

Moe is once again calling for an end to the carbon tax, saying it will show prairie people the federal government supports them.

Moe added that this new plan must include pipelines.

As for restructuring equalization, Moe feels the provinces 50/50 equalization plan should be followed, calling that plan a more fair approach to the program.

"We feel that is a good place to start the discussions around ensuring that we have a fair equalization formula in this nation that is designed to react when some provinces have some troubled economic times," Moe said.

The opposition feels Moe is using equalization as a tool to make political gains, as the Sask Party dropped its legal challenge of equalization under the Stephen Harper Conservative Government.

“It's the height of hypocrisy, that there was no mention of this during the federal campaign when it could have caused trouble for Andrew Scheer in Ontario and Quebec, but now suddenly it's what Scott Moe wants to talk about the most,” NDP leader Ryan Meili said.

Moe feels the province shouldn't have to compromise on any of the requests, saying the Conservatives winning the popular vote in the federal election shows how Liberal policies have caused a division across the country.

Moe suggests any residents supporting a western separatist movement should reach out to their local member of parliament to try and get the Prime Minister to accept Moe’s requests. Adding the Prime Minister now has the opportunity to squash any discussions of separation.

"We have an opportunity for the Prime Minister to quell the conversations around separatism, I’m giving him that opportunity here today,” Moe said.

The premier wouldn’t answer what would happen if these requests aren’t accepted.